Could Horn-Embedded Cameras Help Stop Rhino Poaching?

Hannah Keyser

Experts worry that rampant poaching could drive rhinos to extinction in the next decade. Conservationists around the world are working to combat this illegal killing. From among the innovative initiatives comes this POV "rhino-cam." What you're seeing is the view from a camera embedded (painlessly, according to the researchers) in the horn of a rhino.

Dr. Paul O’Donoghue, of Chester University, created the camera as part of "Rapid"—Real-time Anti-Poaching Intelligence Device. It works like this: Along with the camera, researchers implemented heart-rate monitors and satellite tracking devices. If a rhino is killed, the change detected by the heart-rate monitor will signal an alarm that will dispatch a helicopter full of rangers to its exact location. The footage from the horn camera will be used as evidence against the poacher.

"You can’t outrun a helicopter. 'Rapid' renders poaching a pointless exercise," O'Donoghue told The Independent. Check out the camera in action in the video from the BBC above.

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