Find Your Inner Child With This Labyrinth Table

Rebecca OConnell
Isis Meander
Isis Meander / Isis Meander

Step aside, foosball: Benjamin Nordsmark has created a table just as stunning as it is fun. Covered with a thick sheet of diamond glass, six figurines move through the labyrinth trapped inside with the use of magnets. 

Guests seated at the table can have some childish fun, shepherding their character through all the twists and turns using a handle under the table.

"Most people … remember from their childhood how they used to play with miniature figures in small universes similar to the real world," Nordsmark said on his website. "And these nostalgic feelings are the ones that the table should generate in [people's] minds and encourage them to explore and go deeper into the story of the labyrinth."

[h/t: Yellow Trace]