This New Sport Combines Football and Bowling.

Hannah Keyser

This is fowling, a hybrid sport that gets its name from the combination of bowling pins and pigskins it requires. But if you're thinking that the setup seems more similar to the frat-staple beer pong—with opposing teams trading throws to try to eliminate the opposition's triangle of objects—you wouldn't be far off the mark. Michigan inventor Chris Hutt created the game while tailgating at the Indianapolis 500, and now runs the exclusive Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck, Mich.

The game boasts a couple of fowling-specific quirks. For example, any "non-malicious act" that knocks down a pin—such as a dog or a gust of wind—counts. You can also win the game on the first throw if you happen to knock down your opponents' middle pin, a move known as a "Bonk."

[h/t Time]