Young Architect Makes Office Out of Empty Beer Bottles

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When fledgling Chinese architect Li Rongjun was having trouble finding happiness in his work for local construction companies, he decided to do something a little different: Build with beer bottles. “There is no creativity and it’s a waste of life to be there,” Li said of his old job. “No matter if I succeed or not, I want to give my dream a try.”

Four months of work, 8500 beer bottles, and approximately $11,000 later, Li had built himself a second-floor office by stacking bottles and filling the gaps with stones and cement. There are 40 layers of bottles, with their bottoms turned inward to allow light to fill the circular room. You can find the unique structure in Chongqing, China.

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“He has been very independent from a young age. We could see that he has a strong determination to create his own business,” Li's father, who helped his son build the structure, said. “When he proposed to build the glass house, although we are a family of limited means I immediately told him he would have my complete support.”

While mostly unfurnished, the building has a lone desk in the center for Li to do work.

The 300-square-foot building also serves a promotional purpose. “I wanted to build an artistic and usable office,” Li said. “This building is also my calling card for my future business plans. It will allow investors to see my products in real life and see my talent.”

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[h/t: Inhabitat]