This Live Feed Shows The Staggering Array of Constant Cyber Attacks

Hannah Keyser

GIF via Attassa Cabrera

That gif above is just a few seconds of the constant stream of light pings you'll see darting across the Norse Attack Map. Each flash represents a unique cyber attack happening somewhere in the world in real time. The live map—which was created by Norse Corp., a company dedicated to monitoring and providing intelligence on global cyber warfare—includes information on where the attack originated and who or what the target was. As of this writing, the United States was jostling between second and third on the attack origin list—far below first place China—and was ranked number one, hundreds of places above the second-ranked country, for attack targets.

If these numbers look scary (and they should), consider this is only a tiny fraction of the cyber warfare occurring all around you nearly every second. "The display shows only one in a thousand attacks," Jeff Harrell of Norse told The Creators Project.

[h/t Co.Design]