Delicious Dioramas Made of Food

Shaunacy Ferro
Carl Warner
Carl Warner / Carl Warner

If someone told Carl Warner not to play with his food, he did not listen. The London-based artist is known for his intricate series of Foodscapes, in which he reconstructs miniature worlds from edible ingredients. 

A cowboy made of prosciutto. A forest made of greens, with broccoli and zucchini trees. A rolling sea of romaine leaves. A stadium made of Wheat Thins. Warner builds his edible tabletop scenes over the course of multiple days, but the produce tends to wilt under the bright lighting, so he photographs his intricate grocery landscapes in pieces before stitching the final image together.

“I tend to draw a very conventional landscape using classic compositional techniques as I need to fool the viewer into thinking it is a real scene at first glance,” he explains on his website.

Check some of his latest projects out below. 

[h/t: Curbed]

All image by Carl Warner.