This Placemat Hides Your Phone So You Have to Focus on Your Dinner Companions

Shaunacy Ferro

Because this is the 21st century, people occasionally need reminders to stop and, you know, look at the humans around them. And once you've dropped a few hundred dollars on a smartphone, why not spend a few more bucks on a device that keeps you from staring at said smartphone, to the detriment of your offline relationships?

IKEA's solution to the ultimate first-world problem: Housewares that double as places to hide your device.

Their “Logged Out” Sittning placemat come with a special phone pocket to keep you from reading Facebook notifications, texts, and breaking celebrity news alerts while at the dinner table, so that you can focus on actually consuming food and—perhaps—even speaking to the people around you.

As an added bonus, it will keep you from spilling that artisanal barbecue sauce on your new iPhone.

[h/t: Gizmodo]