Gaze Upon the Beautiful World of Scaffolding

Caitlin Schneider
Steven Harrison, Flickr
Steven Harrison, Flickr / Steven Harrison, Flickr

Scaffolding often gets a bum rap.

The skeletal annexes required to maintain infrastructure are usually regarded as annoyances, eyesores, harbingers of construction chaos to come, and generally, a necessarily evil that must simply be tolerated by urban dwellers. But the thing is, scaffolding can also be incredibly beautiful.

If there were any doubts, a Tumblr called “Scaffoldage” offers some hard proof. The blog is run by Shaun Usher of Letters of Note, who seems to have a knack for highlighting lovely things simply by letting them stand on their own. Here, unadorned photos of the temporary structures set scaffolding in a new light. From gorgeously symmetrical mazes to all-encompassing webs of criss-crossing beams, the nuisances become artwork, even when tacked onto the Great Sphinx of Giza.

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