Jewelry Traps Tiny Worlds in Resin

Rebecca OConnell
GeschmeideUnterTeck / GeschmeideUnterTeck

Ever wish you could wear your interests on your finger? Designer Isabell Kiefhaber makes delightful rings, necklaces, and earrings that capture tiny objects inside them. The pieces are made with colored resin and sterling silver. Inside, you can find almost anything, from cupcakes to a couple having fun on the beach. The artist likes to name the figures and give them little back stories. 

The eye-catching rings can be customized with different shapes and colors. To make each piece, Kiefhaber starts by creating the scene. Then the figures are covered in resin and cured. The piece goes through a grinding process, and is then polished. You can buy them right here

[h/t: Design You Trust]