This Dog Is Helping a Baby Takin Get Ready to Join His Herd

Hannah Keyser

Even this zoo keeper, who presumably likes large animals, knows that adult takins aren't exactly lookers. And one day, Dale the baby takin will grow up to join his shaggy brethren native to the Himalayas. But at just one month old, this resident of Cincinnati Zoo is absolutely adorable. He is one of just a few babies that the zoo chooses to raise in the nursery (most who end up there have medical conditions that need monitoring, or have been rejected by their mothers). Although his human caretakers do what they can to shower Dale with love, he needs experience romping with other quadrupeds in order to rejoin his herd. And that's where Blakely the dog comes in. Blakely works full time at the nursery helping to socialize zoo babies just like Dale, mostly by engaging in inter-species playtime.

Watch the odd pair frolic together in the video above—and then remind yourself that Dale is going to grow to be a 700 lb. horned animal and would probably not make a suitable pet.

[h/t Slate]