The Most Common Words in the English Language

Hannah Keyser

If you've ever wondered what the most common word in the English language is, and then realized that you don't have a long enough lifespan—let alone patience—to tally each instance, you'll be glad to know that someone already did the legwork. Even better, someone else made a handy video of the results.

Youtube user Abacaba—who previously broke down popular baby names by year—distilled the results of a study by computer scientist Peter Norvig, calculating the frequency of all the words contained in the Google Books database. The complete set includes 97,565 distinct words used in 743,842,922,321 total instances.

The video features color- and size-coded bubbles that first reveal the overall top ten words. But because you can probably guess at least number one—if not all top ten—and because all but one of the top ten are three words or shorter, the video goes a step further, breaking down the most popular words by word length. Bet you can't guess the most popular 18-letter word in the English language.

[h/t Someecards]