KFC Wants to Print Out Your Selfies With Their New "Memories Bucket"


If you scowl at selfie sticks and other novelty photography, you're going to hate when people start printing photos with their fried chicken buckets. KFC recently unveiled its "Memories Bucket," a confusing take on the Polaroid camera. The strange invention was created to mark the restaurant's 60th anniversary in Canada. 

The Memories Bucket can print photos straight from a smartphone (with Bluetooth, or something). Nothing says we live in the future like being able to eat food out of your printer.

Mercifully, there's no evidence that this is a real product that will hit the fast food market anytime soon.

This isn't KFC's first mind-boggling publicity stunt of the year: They also announced disposable keyboards built into their trays that let patrons text while eating. 

[h/t: Mirror Online]