A British Owl Got a Library Card Because He's Great at Being an Owl

University of Bath on Twitter
University of Bath on Twitter / University of Bath on Twitter

Owls have long been symbols of intelligence, but one British owl is upping the ante after getting his own library card.

Yoda is an Eagle Owl that has helped the University of Bath with its seagull problem. According to the BBC, seagulls can be deeply territorial, so when they began nesting on the campus, the university feared for the safety of anyone eating lunch outside and had to take action.

Along with his handler, Marcus, Yoda visits twice a week, and according to a university spokesperson's statement to Mashable, his "presence has the effect of unsettling the gull population and dissuading them from hanging around on campus and from nesting further in the area."

The university so appreciates his talents that its library awarded him the card "in recognition of his valuable service to the campus," according to the spokesperson. The student union announced the special honor on Twitter.

Yoda has been socialized by his owner, which makes him quite friendly to people. That should come in handy when he has to ask for help at the reference desk.