Game of Thrones App Helps You Stay On Top of the Action—and Avoid Spoilers

Beth Anne Macaluso

As annoying as a certain breed of Game of Thrones fans can be (we get it—you read the books!), there is one area in which they have a major advantage over other viewers. Namely, their ability to stay on top of who, and where, everyone is.

Now, thanks to a new app, you won’t need to depend on their encyclopedic knowledge of Westeros' shifting alliances—or worry that they might spoil something for you. Game of Thrones: Get into the Books pulls up mentions of the story's key characters and concepts, and provides introductory excerpts from each book, as well as relevant maps and other visuals.

But most importantly, it allows you to enter in where you currently are in the series, which, as the developers put it, will only allow you to “see as far as you’ve watched in the show.”

You can download the app for free on iTunes. Better hurry, because winter—er, we mean season 6—is coming.  

[h/t Mashable