There's a New F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story You Can Read

Shaunacy Ferro
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Even death cannot stop some prolific writers from publishing. Adding to the list of newly discovered works by famous literary figures this summer (following Harper Lee’s surprise second novel Go Set a Watchman and the posthumous publication of Dr. Seuss’ What Pet Should I Get?), an unpublished short story was recently found in the archives of F. Scott Fitzgerald at Princeton. 

Andrew Gulli, the editor of the monthly literary magazine The Strand, uncovered “Temperature,” a short story Fitzgerald wrote just before his death about a struggling writer dealing with alcoholism and failed ambitions. The author attempted to publish it in his lifetime, but didn’t succeed in convincing anyone to run it. The 8000-word story appears in the current issue of The Strand, and according to Vulture, it’ll be online in three months. Add it to your summer reading list!

[h/t: Vulture]