Hide Your Bed on the Ceiling With This Clever System

Shaunacy Ferro
BedUp / BedUp

Beds take up a lot of space. For cramped apartment dwellers who would rather not choose between having a place to sleep and having a place to eat dinner, consider this vertical take on the Murphy bed. Instead of folding up into the wall, it simply cranks up to rest near the ceiling. Voila! Instant new room.

BedUp, a bed-on-rails system designed by the French studio Atelier Décadrages, comes in a variety of bed sizes, in case you really do need the space saved by folding away your twin bed. Granted, you’d have to be willing to shift your furniture around every night (or sleep hovering above the couch), but it’s a slick solution for a home with tall ceilings but little floor space. Get a quote here

[h/t: iGNANT]

All images via BedUp