Turn Your Food Into Little Beads

Rebecca OConnell

If you asked Dippin' Dots what they thought the future of food looked like, they would probably imagine something similar to what the "Imperial Spherificator" churns out. The new device is currently raising money on Kickstarter and turns everything in your kitchen into edible little beads. 

The Canadian-based company has been selling a seaweed-based caviar substitute called Kelp Caviar, which replicates the unique shape and look of pricey fish eggs using a process called spherification. After receiving a number of requests, they've downsized their machine for home and professional use. The handheld appliance can spherify just about any food in your kitchen. Raw and processed foods can all be transformed into edible Aqua Dots (use your best judgment before spherifying, of course). 

To turn your food into fun little beads, just pick an ingredient (they note that you should avoid citric acids and ingredients with high acidity levels) and liquify. In a separate bowl, mix water and calcium chloride. Add the food concoction to your spherificator and shoot the newly formed pearls into your bowl. Drain, and enjoy.

Once you have your collection of beads, you can use them to dress up drinks, dinners, and desserts—or drop them right into your mouth.