Monaco's Pantone Cafe is a Beautiful Place to Eat

Pantone Cafe
Pantone Cafe / Pantone Cafe

Pantone—the corporation behind the popular color-matching system developed by Lawrence Herbert in 1963—now has a cafe that blends pastries with their trademark aesthetic.

Arguably one of the most photogenic cafes in the world, the restaurant invites customers to “taste the colors.” It's hard not to feel like you're eating a rainbow, when everything from the napkins to the water bottles are labeled with specific Pantone color codes. Enjoy a croissant (19-0924) and wash it down with a black coffee (19-111) before dabbing your chin with a napkin (14-4810). If you're wondering what the color code for Fanta is, it's 17-1350.

You can find this treasure at the promenade of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Even the building it resides in is shaped like a giant paint chip. Even better, the cafe is right by the beach, so you couldn't ask for a more eye-pleasing experience. The lovely establishment is open until August 23rd.

[h/t: Paste Magazine]