Plug-In Allows You to Sync Your Netflix For Shared Binging

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Sometimes, you just want to watch television with a friend, even if that friend is miles away and on his or her own couch. Maybe it’s late. Maybe it’s a long distance relationship. Maybe you’re both sick at home on a weekday with nothing better to do.

The beautiful thing about traditional television broadcasts is that everyone is viewing the same thing at the exact same time, so you can watch a movie both together and apart, When Harry Met Sally-style. With the advent of streaming, you don’t have the same sense of shared screens, even if you try to hit “play” at the same time. A new plug-in for Netflix attempts to solve the problem by letting you sync streaming players across the web.

When you install the Google Chrome add-on Showgoers, it allows you to sync up whatever Netflix title you’re watching with someone else so you can watch as a group. Pausing one Netflix player will pause everyone else’s, meaning coordinated bathroom breaks are just one button away.

Image Credit: Showgoers

There are no more excuses for being anti-social with your binging, so make your viewing of the new Wet Hot American Summer series a group experience. (And don’t even think about committing Netflix adultery.)

[h/t: Tech Insider]