Baby Teeth Emerge in Horrifying Timelapse

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Dr. Prodigious
YouTube / Dr. Prodigious / YouTube / Dr. Prodigious

If you've been around a teething baby, you're familiar with a fair bit of screaming. What's the fuss about? Well, the eruption of teeth through the gums can really hurt. (I'm still waiting for one rogue wisdom tooth to come in; I'm glad I can't remember the feeling of those original 20 baby teeth—plus 31 permanent teeth—making their entrance.)

In this super-short video, we see a timelapse video of two baby teeth coming in. It's exactly as terrifying as you'd think.

(The, uh, action starts around 20 seconds in.)

Remember: This happened to all of us. Now let us never speak of it again.