Play Chess With 3D-Printed Planters

Rebecca OConnell /

With 3D printing, the wildest design ideas can become a reality. It's also the reason you can now play chess with a chess set made out of planters.

Created by XYZ Workshop, this delightful creation won the October 2013 Chess-Pen Competition. The game pieces are specially made to accommodate herbs and succulents. Its creators recommend adding Corsican Mint, or cacti for those without a green thumb. The plants certainly add some color to an otherwise black-and-white game, and because the pieces are alive, no two sets are the same. 

"The design is loosely based on a Bauhaus Style Chess set," the inventors at XYZ Workshop said. "We were interested in blending the simple strong geometric forms of the chess pieces with nature."

If you want to get your own set, the template can be downloaded for free. It also comes with a printable/portable chess board skin. All you need is a 3D printer, soil, and seeds to get the game going.

[h/t: Design Milk]