Take a Look at the Lexus Hoverboard in Action

Rebecca OConnell

Last month, Lexus released a teaser video of its new hoverboard prototype, called Slide. The video concluded before anyone actually took a ride on it, but a new video—posted yesterday—finally lets us see this thing in action.

Pro skater Ross McGouran takes the futuristic board for a spin in a skatepark. With all that cauldron-like steam flowing out of it, the clip makes the ride look like some sort of witchcraft—but it's completely real. Liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors in the deck react with a magnet-embedded track to keep the board afloat. McGouran even glides over water at one point to really showcase just how high-tech Slide really is.

While it looks very cool, it also looks extremely challenging to ride. Without the friction that's created by more typical modes of transportation such as bikes and skateboards, the hoverboard is completely suspended in the air. Which makes it difficult for riders to remain balanced, as even the smallest push can move the board. (A point that is effectively illustrated by the bystanders who attempt—and fail—to take the hoverboard for a ride.)

Regardless of its difficulty level, Slide brings us one step closer to making Back to the Future a reality. And that's what is most important.