Compare the Fastest Ships in Sci-Fi History

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Arguing over the merits of one sci-fi enterprise over another can be a nuanced and almost entirely subjective effort. One thing that’s not subjective, however, is speed.

The folks over at Fat Wallet have put together an awesome infographic comparing the speeds of sci-fi ships (in movies, TV shows, videogames, and, contrary to the “fi” in sci-fi, even real life) from Voyager I to the Heart of Gold from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The chart is divided into relativistic speed and faster-than-light speed. The ranking is no half-hearted effort—with methodology and reasoning broken down into some notable detail below the graphic.

One example: “In Wall-E, when our robot hero first arrives on The Axiom, it is located behind the Horsehead Nebula, which is 1,500 light-years away. Assuming the journey home to Earth took eight hours, the Axiom hit a top speed of 6.57 x 1014 m/s.”

To travel at warp speed in a journey of the imagination, scroll down to see the infographic in its entirety.

The Fastest Ship in the Universe : How Sci-Fi Ships Stack Up
The Fastest Ship in the Universe : How Sci-Fi Ships Stack Up /

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