What Edward Scissorhands' Neighborhood Looks Like Today

Beth Anne Macaluso

Imgur user Andrew Creameans (Voodrew)—who was raised in the area of Tampa where Tim Burton’s classic was filmed—decided to return to his old stomping grounds with a camera, and his daughter, in tow. His objective: to attempt to match stills from the movie with the homes and neatly-manicured lawns that exist in real life.

Cremeans tells Mashable he was blown away by the juxtaposition of the dreamlike backdrop with its suburban reality.

I couldn't believe how small of a section the neighborhood was used, it seemed so huge in the movie. It feels especially small when you are standing and looking down the street to the cul de sac the castle was on. It really just felt like any old Tampa neighborhood. I caught myself wondering many times if all these people know that their house was in the movie. If it were my house, I'd have a huge framed poster of my screenshot of the movie in my living room. I was also taken by how there are 5 million trees in the neighborhood that hadn't been planted at the time. You never realize how trees completely change the facade of a neighborhood.

View the rest of his photographs over on Imgur.See Also:10 Hair-Raising Facts About Edward ScissorhandsAll images courtesy of Andrew Cremeans