The Far-Reaching Effects of the Original Star Wars Trilogy

Hannah Keyser

Shutterstock. Click to enlarge.

The original Star Wars trilogy is the definition of an iconic film series: Not only do the films still hold up today, but the franchise is still going strong, and the influence it has had on the sci-fi genre—and filmmaking in general—cannot be overstated. But the Star Wars universe is a vast and far-reaching one, as evidenced by this visual collaboration between Shutterstock and Pop Chart Lab, which highlights some of the character archetypes and production tactics that, to a large degree, began with George Lucas.

From the popularity of the film trilogy format to the movies' "future imperfect" design aesthetic to the establishment of "The Strong Female Badass" and "The Large Non-Human Friend of Few Words" as common character types, the infographic illustrates Star Wars' impact on both film and television alike. So you'll know who to thank the next time you're watching Harry and the Hendersons.