KFC China Now Has Pink Sandwich Buns Because Why Not


From Bluetooth keyboard trays to (probably fake) photo-printing buckets, fast food giant KFC has created some unusual publicity stunts lately. Now, they're cooking up something even weirder: Pink hamburger buns.

Perhaps trying to get on the Pretty Patty bandwagon, KFC China has unveiled the “Black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger" and the “Rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger,” with buns that are black and pink, respectively. 

Fast food patrons have been sharing snaps of these monstrosities all over Instagram, and they look unappealing, to say the least:

As unappetizing as these burgers might seem, colorful fast food isn't new. Burger King Japan has sold burgers with black- and red-colored cheese and buns. McDonald's China has also tried their hand in uniquely hued food with their black and white burgers

What will be KFC's next move? Green hamburgers for St. Patrick's Day? An actual burger phone? Only time will tell.

[h/t: Mashable]