Re-Experience Bill Murray Movies With This Scratch-and-Sniff Book

henry kaye for sugoi books
henry kaye for sugoi books / henry kaye for sugoi books

You may think the days of scratch-and-sniffs are long gone, but the fad might be making a comeback. Britain-based publisher Sugoi Books uses the fragrant art in their new book, Cook Your Own Food

The pungent book revolves around the many food scenes in the movies of Bill Murray. Talented artists came together to work on the project, and the beautiful art coupled with delicious smells creates a vivid sensory experience.

From the sushi bar in Lost in Translation to the dinner table in What About Bob, you get a taste (well, smell) of everything. Other movie classics include The Life Aquatic, Caddyshack, and Groundhog Day, making it perfect for any Murray-fanatic. 

You can pick up the book here. If you're still hungry for more scratch and sniff books, check out this collection by Belly Kids.