Free Up Space and Hang Your Beer From the Top of the Fridge


Even the largest fridges can get overfilled, forcing owners to play an impromptu game of food Tetris to get everything to fit. Beer bottles are cumbersome and take up so much room that they sometimes even require their own mini fridge. But for those of you with no room in your fridge and no room for a mini fridge, there's BottleLoft, which uses magnets to elevate bottles and get them out of the way. 

Even if you have the space to store your beer, the product is pretty cool just to look at. Each strip of metal has three super-strong magnets that click to the caps of beer bottles. To load it up, you lift the entire six pack of bottles onto the magnets and pull off the cardboard packaging like so:

If this looks precarious to you, don't worry—the magnets are way too strong to drop your beer, even when pushed.

If watching that mesmerizing gif didn't sell you, there's also this very dramatic ad:

[h/t: ScamStuff]