A Musical Composition Based on the Vibrations of Stars

Shaunacy Ferro
B. Ulas via arXiv
B. Ulas via arXiv / B. Ulas via arXiv

What do stars sound like? Burak Ulas, an astronomer at the Izmir Turk College Planetarium in Turkey, has created an entire musical composition answering that question. 

Stars vibrate much like musical instruments, and in a paper posted to arXiv, Ulas plays the universe like a piano. He analyzed the frequencies of the vibrations coming from a star called Y Cam A, a star in a binary system. 

He turned four frequencies drawn from Y Cam A into musical chords that he wrote into a piece for the piano. The piano segment is shown on one staff, while the star’s rhythm is shown below.

You can listen to his piece, "Awkward Keystrokes of Y Cam," on SoundCloud. It's quite soothing. 

[h/t: MIT Technology Review via Corey S. Powell]