Giant Gummy Bear + Liquid Nitrogen + Shotgun = Candy Carnage

Chris Higgins
YouTube / carsandwater
YouTube / carsandwater / YouTube / carsandwater

There are two things I enjoy seeing on a sunny weekend afternoon: playing with liquid nitrogen and destroying perfectly good candy. Note that I enjoy seeing them; I'm neither skilled nor stupid enough to try these things at home. Fortunately, YouTube.

Some adventurous YouTubers going by the name carsandwater have gone a bit bonkers. In this video, a giant gummy bear is taken out in the wilderness to be shot, then frozen, then shot again. And then again. While that may sound violent (oh, it's very violent!), it's all in good candy fun. Behold:

The YouTube comments are actually pretty decent on this one. For instance, Lily Povey writes: "What did the gummy bear ever do to you?!" If only we knew.