Gaze Upon the Beauty of a Lavender Theme Park

Caitlin Schneider
Getty Images
Getty Images / Getty Images

For every interest, there’s a theme park—from Charles Dickens to candy based on bathroom humor.

In China, a number of lavender theme parks have popped up to satiate the interests of flower enthusiasts. The largest is in Shenyang and opened its fields in 2011. With nearly 200 acres of lavender blossoms, it’s not hard to see why the farm attracts visitors. There are others in Wuxi, Yining, and Dalian, as well as in and around Beijing and Shanghai, and the trend has proved positive for both tourism and farmers.

It’s not just in China, either. A farm in East Marion, N.Y., is one of the many lavender farms in the United States, and owner Serge Rosenbaum told PRI that many of his visitors are Asian or Asian-American.

For those of us who aren't currently in a field of gloriously-fragrant flowers, these photos of Shenyang will have to suffice.

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