An Artist Made a Whole City Out of Paper

Shaunacy Ferro
Screenshot via YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube / Screenshot via YouTube

In August of 2014, Edinburgh-based artist Charles Young began fashioning tiny, intricate buildings out of paper and glue. For the next couple of months, he made a new piece every day for the miniature town he dubbed Paperholm and tracked the growth of his paper landscape by uploading a photo of each addition to the project website.

In the end, he'd created 60 different buildings and nine different vehicles made of meticulously folded and sliced paper, many of them with moving parts. Young animated these in small stop-motion GIFs, allowing his boats to launch into the water, his cars to enter their garages, and his windmills to rotate.

Take a tour of Paperholm via the video below:

Check out Young’s other work on Tumblr

[h/t: Curbed]