This Could Be The Biggest Shark Ever Caught On Camera

Hannah Keyser

Deep Blue (The biggest shark ever filmed) second partAnother DEEP BLUE VIDEO!!!!(Please read below about our fundraising campaign)Otro video de DEEP BLUE!!!!(Por favor lean el enlace de abajo acerca de nuestro proyecto) Posted by Mauricio Hoyos Padilla on Monday, August 10, 2015

Her name is Deep Blue. She's estimated to be 20 feet long, 5,000 pounds, 50 years old and, in the video above, she's likely pregnant. The footage was taken off the coast of Guadalupe Island by shark researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla in 2013 and has only just been shared on his Facebook page earlier this week under the title "Deep Blue (The biggest shark ever filmed) second part."

While your first thought upon viewing this clip might be "Ahhh!" or "Get back in the cage, anonymous diver," Padilla says he had a different reaction. Writing in a SlideShare post, Padilla says, "When I saw Deep Blue for the first time, there was just one thought in my mind: Hope. A shark of that size is at least 50 years old and that tells me protection and conservation efforts are really working. Deep Blue has been spared from longlines and the inherent dangers of being in the wild, and somehow she has found her way in the vast ocean."

[h/t ABC News]