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The Weird Week in Review

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150 Crocodiles, Alligators Rescued From Toronto-Area Home

A couple in Toronto was discovered to have been keeping a reptile farm in their home. There were around 150 crocodiles, alligators, and caimans kept in aquariums. All three species are forbidden in Toronto. Twenty volunteers from Toronto Animal Services and the Indian River Reptile Zoo spent eight hours capturing and transporting the animals to the zoo. The gators and crocs all appeared to be in good condition. The couple made a donation for the zoo to expand their reptile house in order to care for the new additions.

A Spider Web as Long as a Football Field

A spider web in the north Dallas suburb of Lakeside Park passes from tree to tree and stretches about as long as a football field and up to 40 feet high. Can a spider really spin a web that size? No, but hundreds of spiders can, if they cooperate with each other.

Most spiders work alone, but these massive webs encompass hundreds of spiders -- seemingly working together. Scientists suggest the webs are strung in cooperation in order to take advantage of rare influxes of insects, a hatch of midges or other water-borne insects from the nearby lake.

The spider species has not yet been identified, but are believed to be similar to the Tetragnathus guatamalensis species that built a similar community web in Lake Tawakoni State Park, Texas, in 2007. They are not harmful to people, and experts say it’s best to just let them be. Alrighty then.

Teen Couple Holding Hands Struck by Lightning

You could say they were “love struck.” Teenagers Dylan and Lexie, no last names given, of Claremont, California, were walking hand in hand a week ago Thursday, when they were struck by lightning. They were knocked to the ground, and a passerby said they were struck by lightning. A doctor who examined the couple said he believes the current hit Dylan’s head, traveled through his arm to Lexie, and exited through her foot. The fact that they were holding hands helped diffuse the current. Both teenagers are doing fine.

Millionaire's Son Torches Ferrari So He Can Get A New One

An unnamed 20-year-old Swiss man was sentenced and fined for insurance fraud in Augsburg, Germany. Although he owned 15 expensive cars, and received thousands of dollars every month from his father, he could only get $193,500 in trade-in value for his Ferrari 458 Italia- not enough to get a new model Ferrari. He didn’t want to tell his father he no longer liked the Italia he received as a gift. So instead, he recruited accomplices to burn the car, for which they traveled to Germany. The crime was caught on security cameras. The man was sentenced to 22 months probation plus a fine. And the world has one less $193,500 Ferrari.

Unlucky Thief Caught Because Getaway Car was Repossessed

A man in Zion, Illinois, was observed putting electronics into a shopping cart at Walmart and leaving without paying for them. When confronted by store employees, he fled without the merchandise. Police later arrested 25-year-old Che Hearn as he was walking down the road.

When asked why he was walking, he responded that his car had been repossessed while he was at the Wal-Mart, police said. Investigators determined that the repossession company had followed Hearn to Wal-Mart, police said. The car was towed away when he entered the store, giving Hearn the only option of fleeing the scene on foot, police said.

Hearn was charged with retail theft under $300.

Missing Dog Found 900 Miles Away

An Australian shepherd named Bell went missing from her home north of Houston, Texas, last week. A few days later, her owner Matt Turner got a call from Clay Humane Society that said his dog had been found in Orange Park, Florida. They were sure it was Turner’s dog, because his information was connected to Bell’s embedded microchip. No one knows how the dog made her way to Florida, but she’s home now, after Turner and his son flew to Florida to fetch her.