Delight Your Inner Kid With This Giant Lite-Brite

Rebecca OConnell

Here's something every office needs: a gigantic Lite-Brite to engage and invigorate your team. Bay Area firm Hero Design has created just the thing to inject some fun into the work day.

Called Everbright, this colossal board is 42 times the size of a regular Lite-Brite. Just like the childhood toy, it encourages users to create works of pixelated art using small nodules of light. Everbright has 464 LED lights that change to all the colors of the rainbow when turned. The eight-foot-wide device comes with three animations that can run when no one is playing with it.

The idea behind the light board is to bring employees closer together—it's hard for two people to stay strangers when they are standing next to each other building a masterpiece. Additionally, the toy helps workers relax and clear their minds—by playing with a tactile device, problems can be solved faster.

Hero Design notes that this is a product with no learning curve. You can never be bad at it, but you can never master it either.

[h/t: Co.Design]