The Most Popular Emoji in Each State

Arika Okrent

When it comes to emoji, there are a few popular standbys that show up everywhere. Hearts, smiley faces, winking faces, and thumbs up get a lot of action, and the pile of poo has been gaining ground. But which emoji distinguish the states from each other? Which are used more in one state compared with the others?

SwiftKey, a keyboard app for iPhone and Android users, has just released a study of over one billion emoji to see how people use emoji in each state. Some of the results are unsurprising—the Statue of Liberty in New York, the cactus in Arizona, the surfer in Hawaii—while others seem mysterious: Why is trumpet more popular in Florida than anywhere else? What’s with the moustachioed man of South Dakota?

This map shows the emoji used by each state more than any other state. At the interactive map at SwiftKey, you can also view which emoji are used more than average or less than average, and which categories of emoij (fruit, sports, music) are used more or less than average. What do you think your state’s emoji use says about your state?