New York City Bagels From A-to-Z

Caitlin Schneider

New York City is the undisputed bagel capital of the country, if not the world (we see you, Montreal, but that’s a debate for a different day). Much has been written about why exactly New York bagels are so good, but before you can dive into the more ambiguous and subjective realms of the bagel world, one must begin with the definable.

Thankfully, Eater has whipped up a handy A-to-Z glossary of the terms you need to know to talk Big Apple bagels. From Absolute Bagels uptown to Zabar’s just down the street, it’s got the names, places, and people that are essential to know. There are rules built into the glossary too, like this one, which made my Everything-Bagel-loving heart sink.

Flavors — The only acceptable "flavor" is a simple white flour bagel, with periodic exceptions made for whole wheat and pumpernickel. Flavors such as blueberry and cheddar jalapeño are widely frowned upon by bagel connoisseurs.

Navigate over to Eater to see more of the guide, and to take your education even further, scroll to the video below.