Light Up Your Room With a Banana

Rebecca OConnell
Studio Job
Studio Job / Studio Job

If you think regular lamps are too dull, then a banana lamp might be for you. Belgian design duo Studio Job made these fun fruit-inspired lights for their latest exhibition, aptly called The Banana Show. The bananas are made from glass and filled with white LED lights, and the glowing faux-fruit is encased in bronze peels. Some are meant to be put on tables while others hang on the wall.You can find these unusual fixtures at Belgium's Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery. Studio Job's banana-themed solo exhibition lets guests enjoy a plethora of art inspired by the yellow fruit. Another installment is the Buoy Mirror, which is a giant lifesaver wrapped around a mirror covered in hand painted bananas. There are also more than 30 ink drawings scattered around the gallery. "Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world... a nice reference to the other icons of the Pop Art, the Marilyns, the Campbell's Soups, the Dollars signs, Coca-Cola ... distilling the beauty out of the popular is an art form itself," the gallery said in a statement. All the banana-related art is on display until September 27, 2015. 

[h/t: Dezeen]