The Bacteria-Killing Smartphone Charger You Didn’t Know You Needed

Andrew LaSane
via PhoneSoap
via PhoneSoap / via PhoneSoap

Smartphones are among the most bacteria-ridden objects that we own. The average person checks their smartphone between 150 and 221 times in a single day, and studies have shown that most people don’t wash their hands enough, especially after using the restroom (and according to numerous studies over the past six years, phones can be filthier than toilet seats). So it’s no wonder how those germs wind up in our pockets and on our iPhone screens.

The company PhoneSoap has been working to fix that. They make patches, polishes and cases to help combat the daily onslaught of germs, but the PhoneSoap Charger may be the most high-tech and multitasking option yet. Designed to work with most devices on the market today (except the iPhone 6 Plus), the charger boosts your phone's battery while UV-C lamps “zap any bacteria" from the surface of your device in under five minutes.

Similarly, Microsoft was recently granted a patent for a transparent film that automatically disinfects touchscreens using the same UV light technology. So while there is no substitution for better hygiene practices, regularly and effectively ridding your phone of bacteria will surely make you feel better about checking for retweets for the eighteenth time during your lunch break.