The Rage Room Lets You Safely Smash Housewares For $20

Youtube user, Battle Sports Inc.
Youtube user, Battle Sports Inc. / Youtube user, Battle Sports Inc.

A 1999 study found that there's really no such thing as physical catharsis when it comes to dispelling anger and frustration. But even so, occasionally you just have to go a little Office Space on something.

Toronto's new Rage Room lets you do just that—safely and for a small fee. First you'll need to sign a lengthy waiver and suit up in head-to-toe protective gear. Then, you can start smashing. The starter package costs $20 and gets you five plates sourced from flea markets and yard sales to destroy with a weapon of your choice over the course of 30 minutes. Timothy Cheung, one of the room’s co-founders, told The Guardian that he suggests participants take a few minutes to focus on "projecting their hatred and rage onto the breakable objects." But if you find yourself needing more domestic items to fill your half hour, participants can purchase a la carte housewares like wine glasses, pictures, and small wooden chairs.

A similar predecessor sprung up amid controversy in Serbia a few years ago, and Cheung was confident that the concept would translate well to Canada.

"Toronto is such a high-strung city. We thought it could stand to let off a little steam," he said.