Recreate the Low-Quality Magic of VHS Tapes on Your iPhone


Mobile photography keeps getting better and better—so much so that it seems like, soon, the only direction it will have to go is backwards. Those yearning for the VHS tapes of the 1980s and '90s will be delighted to know they can recapture some of that fuzzy magic on their mobile devices with a new app, VHS Camcorder

Created by post-production studio Rarevision, the app—which mimics the look and charming low-quality aesthetic of video cameras of yore—lets you hit the streets and film things through the mock lens of an 1985 camcorder. On top of poor film quality, you also get bad sound (a staple of all great VHS home videos). A host of nostalgia-inducing effects, which can be viewed with a real-time preview, help you degrade the film even more by simply dragging your finger around the screen, shaking your phone, or distorting the tracking. The time and date stamp can be changed to whatever you want, too—whether it be 1983 or a dystopian future. 

You can download the retro, Apple-only app here.

[h/t: Gizmodo]