Reality-Bending Timelapses of Cities in Tilt-Shift

Shaunacy Ferro
Screenshot via YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube /

Screenshot via YouTube


In their series “Little Big World,” filmmakers at Berlin-based production studio spoonfilm seek out some of the most beautiful places on earth and, as they describe it, turn them into "adorable miniature models using tilt-shift photography.” In the latest season of the short-video series, their cameras make American cities like Detroit look like vibrant, ornate dollhouse worlds. Go ahead, take a miniature vacation around North America with these four videos.


Detroit's vast spaces like the Michigan Theater look positively diminuitive.


Chicago's boats, trains, and cars are especially fun to watch in tilt-shift.

Quebec City

This short wanders around Quebec City, including a visit to nearby Montmorency Falls. 


The series takes on Boston from a different angle. Instead of city streets, it explores the islands in Boston Harbor, southeast of the city.