1936 Map of the Dogs of All Nations

Arika Okrent

Click to enlarge, via David Rumsey Map Collection

This 1936 map by E. Frantz and published by Judy Publishing Company (then the Publishers of Dog World Magazine) shows the geographical distribution of 164 of the world's dog breeds, at the time, all the "known pure breeds of dog on the face of the earth." (The American Kennel Club now lists 184.) It is an illustration of how “the sun never sets on any portion of the earth where man’s best friend is not found.”

The miniature portraits of the breeds, detailed and full of personality, are grouped by nation and are numbered according to where they come from. I especially like the severe, judgmental frown of the Brussels Griffon (63, Belgium), and the jaunty stance of the Tibetan Spaniel (46, Tibet).

Closeups, "Dogs of all Nations Map," David Rumsey Map Collection

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