This Cool Inky Lava Lamp Uses Ferromagnetic Fluid

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Traditional lava lamps can be cool, but they take a long time to heat up. The Ferroflow, on the other hand, is filled with mesmerizing ferromagnetic fluid and starts moving immediately, oozing and dripping like a living Rorschach test.

Created by designer Matt Robinson, the device is made out of anodized aluminum and filled with ferromagnetic fluid, a substance created by NASA in the 1960s as a liquid rocket fuel. The fluid follows magnets and, when influenced by a direct current electromagnet, it morphs into porcupine-like spikes.

Robinson intends to sell these awesome lamps and is launching a Kickstarter tomorrow. They are expected to be somewhat affordable because the designer replaced the traditional electromagnets with grade n52 rare earth magnets (which are cheaper).

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[h/t: Co.Design]