The beauty of any artform is that it can be interpreted and reinterpreted in any number of ways, often to surprising effect.

A Tumblr called Movie Barcode is transforming the look of films by compressing them with custom software developed by the anonymous blog-runner. The program lines up every frame of a movie and stretches them out so, in a way, you’re looking at an entire movie all at once. As you can imagine, it looks a lot like a whole lot of nothing—but in the best possible way.

The creator told that the process for creating the barcodes can take up to a few hours and that the movie selection is about the outcome and not the film itself. He or she likes Kubrick, Hitchcock, and Weerasethakul because their films have long shots, which make for interesting images.

It’s pretty remarkable how much the tone of a movie comes through in just the colors. You can have that mood for your very own, as the barcodes are for sale in prints, pillows and tote bags.

[h/t A.V. Club]