This Teacher Turned Her Classroom Into Harry Potter Heaven

86thdj via Reddit
86thdj via Reddit / 86thdj via Reddit

Trading in the lazy days of summer for hours sitting at a classroom desk can be kind of a drag, but one teacher is easing the pain with some magical craft work. Middle school teacher and avid Harry Potter fan Stephanie Stephens transformed her classroom in Oklahoma City into a wonderful wizarding world straight out of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The classroom door was papered over to look like a brick wall, a nod to the book’s magical gateway to the Hogwarts Express, Platform 9¾. A bulletin board was decorated to look like the Dursley’s fireplace with Hogwarts acceptance letters flying out. Different sections of the room are divided into the different school houses, and there’s a potions station, a prefect’s table, and even a three-headed (stuffed) dog. And of course, there is a whole stock of Harry Potter novels. 

She sorted the kids in her classroom into the Hogwarts houses so that they can earn “house points” for good behavior, like in the book. Stephens is hoping her obsession with Harry Potter—she and her husband fall asleep to a different movie in the series each night—will translate to her students, and that the witchy decor will help inspire them to become passionate readers, too. 

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