Solitaire Cards That Look Like They Were Ripped Right Off the Computer Screen

Rebecca OConnell

It seems like we have come full circle with playing cards. You can now purchase cards that resemble the ones from the Windows 3.0 Solitaire game that were made to look like real playing cards.

In honor of the game's 25th anniversary, Areaware worked with Susan Kare, who designed the original Solitaire game cards. The IRL deck features the original artwork from the PC classic, as well as two jokers that were designed specially. The cards come in a special green box with the Solitaire icon on it. 

Kare is responsible for a lot of the early computer designs of the 1980s. You may recognize her Macintosh operating system icons, like the smiling computer, watch, and spotted dog. More recently, she created the short-lived virtual gifts that friends could send each other on Facebook. 

[h/t: bltd]