Mix the Perfect Drink With a Light Up Stick That Makes Light Saber Noises

mixstik / mixstik

For certain cocktails, the right ratio of ingredients is crucial. Even with a jigger, measuring and pouring can be tricky business for the casual drink maker. For those struggling, there's MixStik, a light up stick to help you make the perfect cocktail each time. 

The MixStik uses LED lights to show the user how much of each liquid is needed. It connects wirelessly to smartphones with a corresponding recipe app; the owner picks a recipe on their phone and the stick lights up accordingly. The 24 LEDs light up in specific colors that match the ingredients (red lights for tomato juice, blue for ice, etc). The user just needs to pour up to wherever the lights go on the stick.

After mixing perfect drinks, the MixStik can be used for other fun purposes. It can be converted into a lightsaber, drum stick, or light paintbrush. Thanks to an open API, owners of the stick can play around with the code and make new features. The lights, sensors, and sounds can all be changed, as long as the user knows how to code.

The product will have a Kickstarter launch next month, and more information about the technology will be shared at that time.

[h/t: PSFK]