Canadian Sculptor Builds Giant Metallic Dragons and Eagles

Rebecca OConnell
kevin stone
kevin stone / kevin stone

British Columbia-based artist Stone creates larger-than-life steel sculptures of animals, both real and mythical. The impressively large metal creatures reside in casinos, amusement parks—one of his gigantic flying eagles sits next to a roller coaster at Dollywood—and other large venues. "Power and Authority," a different eagle statue, stands an amazing 20 feet high and boasts a 31-foot wingspan. He also makes water dragons, one of which is 85 feet of mirrored steel.

Stone has been working with metals since his late teens, when he took a job at a shipyard after finishing high school. Thirty years later, he continues to apply his knowledge to his colossal creations, which are designed to stand the test of time. 

"I chose stainless steel so it could be displayed in a water environment," Stone said. "It's designed to last forever outside." 

[h/t: Design You Trust]