This App Tells You the Best Time to Shoot Outdoor Photos

Shaunacy Ferro
Rizon / Rizon

Among photographers, the golden hour (or magic hour) is the perfect time of day to shoot outdoors. Just after sunrise and just before sunset, the sky is filled with reddish, indirect light, providing the perfect opportunity to photograph without worrying about overexposure or contrast between dark shadows and bright, sunny highlights.

A new app called Rizon makes it easy to plan for the golden hour, alerting you to when it’s happening at different locations across the globe. Rizon’s sleek design simplifies the information and allows you to set up alerts to remind you when to grab your camera and head outdoors. It defaults to your current location, but you can also search for other places and future dates to plan out future shoots. 

So no more excuses. Take your camera and get outside. It’s available for iOS here

[h/t: Product Hunt]